Yosiputra Nalamas Sajid

UI/UX Designer

"Hi, my name is Yosiputra Nalamas Sajid ,i come from indonesia,Im a graphic designer for uiux designer. I have been working in the field of UI UX, especially in Mobile apps for 2 years. The things I can work on are -delivery applications, -ecommerce -Finance Apps -Music Players and so many More I will help you to create a very professional and high quality Ui Ux that is relevant to your business idea and win the competition with your competitors. Questions & Answers for Your Buyers. 1.how will you design and compete against competitors from the client? Yes, of course I will do some research beforehand and I will make the design that I make superior. 2. Do you have a license so you deserve to be invited to work together? Yes of Course, I have a license in this field. In 2021 I will get a champion certificate in the startup competition field and in 2022 I will get an award from one of the startups from Indonesia, Besides that, I also have a certificate of expertise for UI/UX designer from a technology company in Indonesia. so I hope let's work together "
UX Research & UX Writing
HTML 5 & CSS 3
Illustration Design

Selected Works

  • Moni Payment App
  • Gadget Store
  • Redesign Jennyhouse
  • Treeshop

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