M Irvan Abdullah

Branding & Creative Designer

Hi there! My name is M Irvan Abdullah, and I'm a lifelong learner who is constantly seeking opportunities for growth and development. With over 6 years of experience in the art or digital industry, my portfolio reflects my diverse skill set across various divisions, including digital marketing and being the head of a local animation studio in Bintaro, Jakarta. I'm proud of my journey so far, but I'm always eager to take on new challenges and collaborate with a wider global environment. I'm excited about the possibility of expanding my horizons and making a meaningful impact on a worldwide scale. Let's create something amazing together!
Conceptualize and develop
design software
graphic designs

Selected Works

  • Pitching to build an animation studio
  • Siang Malam Kemang - Branding
  • Social Media Design
  • Tutoring experience
  • Irvan Recap 2020-2023

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